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35mm Manual Focus Full Frame Camera Lens 29MP with F Mount

35mm Full Frame Image Format, 29MP Resolution 4K, Multi-purpose Industrial use and Nikon DSLR camera, Use high refractive index and low dispersion precious glass, high resolution imaging optics

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    35mm Full Frame Lens for Nikon Digital Camera
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Product Name: Ultra 4K 29MP Manual Variable Iris 35mm Full Frame Lens

Product advantage:

1, Variable Aperture LensFrom Large aperture F2.0 to Smallest F22 (creat good depth of Focus)

2,Multi-layer coating, All glass + metal structure design, good high and low temperature resistance

3, Applied For 35mm FULL FRAME, ARS-C, APS-H F-Mount Nikon Digital Camera

4, we have 35mm Full frame C-Mount Lens For Top Quality Machine Vision Camera systems too

35mm Lens F Mount

Product technical Specification of 35mm Lens F Mount

Product Model


Image Cmos Sensor Format

35mm Full Frame (43.4mm)/35F

Photo Resolution


Focal Length




FOV(D×H×V)  35mm (Full Frame)






FOV(D×H×V)  4/3''


TV Distortion 35mm (Full Frame)


TV Distortion APS-H 


TV Distortion ARS-C


TV Distortion 4/3''


Focusing Range MOD (Minimum Object Distance)


Flange Distance


Operation Mode- Focus


Operation Mode –Iris


Operation Mode-zoom

Fixed Focus

Mount type


Filter Thread


External Dimensions(mm):



All Glasses Lenses

Working temperature


Storage Temperature Range


29MP Camera Lens For Commercial and Industrial Applications

1, Nikon F-mount Digital Camera, DSLR Camera, All Cameras with F-Mount

2. Teaching and research, FA Lenses For Industrial Inspection and Image Processing.

3. Industrial image processing, industrial measurement, industrial monitoring, instrumentation, microscopic imaging,

4. Electronic component measurement, glass and pharmaceutical container measurement

5. Security monitoring at night/day

6. Solar panels, aerospace, national defense, criminal investigation, military industry

7, Intelligent Transportation System ITS

8. Wafer inspection, scratch inspection on semiconductor, metal, glass, film, wafer and other surfaces

9.Detection of engraved characters on metal surfaces, bearings, and beverage cans

10. Factory automated production, PCB board inspection

11. Medical beauty, medical surgery

12. Biometric technology, face recognition

13. Drug production monitoring

14. Food sorting

15. Automotive, FPC, mining

Custom Lens

we are Personalized Custom-design and Custom-Made Lenses Manufacturer in China,Currently we can Custom Camera Lens 

include CCTV Camera Lens, Custom Fish Eye Lens, Custom M12 Lens, Custom Car Camera Lens, Custom Varifocal Lens, 

Custom M16 Lens, Custom M7 Lens, Customized Lens for Action Camera Gopro and Smart home Camera, their specification 

include M6*P0.35, M7*P0.35,M12*P0.5, D14/M14, M16*P0.5, CS Mount, C mount, F mount Industrial Camera Lenses too。

welcome to share your lens requirement or product idea with us to discuss and proceed, thank you very much

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.