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Factory 2MP Night Vision USB IR Camera CCTV with infrared light

2MP High Resolution, Ultra 0.01 lux low light work, Compact Design,

Plug and Play, 10pcs LED, Support all Systems well, multifunctional applications

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    Bank T/T, Alipay, Paypal, Western Union
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    7-10 days
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    portable USB IR Night CCTV Camera
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    2megapixels FULL HD

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Product Name:  ½.7’’ 1080P 0.01 lux Night Vision USB Infrared Camera

Product Advantage

1, 1080P FHD Night Vision USB Webcam suit for multifunctional application, pluy and play

2, 10pcs small infrared Light LED to enhance and improve perfect night vision possibility

3, lowest 0.01 low lux low light OV chipset insure one wonderful Night Vision USB Camera

4, Widely used in portable CCTV Camera System, Industrial Monitoring and embedded version system camera  

Product Specifications Of  1080P USB IR Camera

Product Name

3.7mm USB Night Vision CCTV Camera

Cmos Sensor

½.7 inch OV2710 cmos 0.01 low lux

Video Resolution

1920X1080, 1080P@30fps

Lens FOV

DFOV 102degree, HFOV 92degree

Photo Pixel

2 Megapixels

Photo Format


video output


Lens Focal Length EFL

3.7mm standard cctv lens m12

Lens Construction

2MP 1G3P

F/No Aperture




Minimum illumination


S/N Ratio




Backlight Compensation




White balance


Working temperature




Audio Microphone


System Sync

inner Sync

Power consumption


Product Size


Signal Type & Interface

usb 2.0 interface, digital Signal

Length of Cable

3Meter ( 1m/5m/other length available custom made)




Follow UVC standard

Default Property

Brightness contrast saturation ,hue sharpness ,white balance, game exposure controlled


WIN10/WIN7/WIN8/Linux/Android/Apple Mac

USB Infrared Camera

Car parking monitoring by Night USB Camera

Note & Remarks

1, We can adjust other size USB case to meet your special demand

2, We can adjust USB cable Length or change it with foldable Pipe (shorter size)

3, its Interface connector can be changed or custom by Network, BNC/AHD, OTG Type C etc

4, we can exchange or equip other focal length 2.1mm, 1.05mm,2.8mm, 3.2mm, 6mm, 4mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm,21mm, 25mm, 2.3mm low distortion 120 degree, and 4.6mm non-distortion lens, 185/195/200/210/220 Degree Fisheye Lens to meet your more special requirements.

Night Vision by USB IR Camera

Product Application of Night USB Camera

1, Portable Warehouse/office/home/apartment/commercial/industrial CCTV Security

2, Self service terminals equipment, Automatic Vending Machines Security

3, Telecommunications, supermarkets, hotels, public security

4, Justice, prisons, School, ATM Machine, Traditional Security

5, Big Machines or Equipment Device that need built-in good Night Vision Camera with infrared light

Night CCTV by USB IR Camera

Customize USB Cameras

Currently we can provide more than 20 models USB Camera for various commercial / industrial applications, our camera with DIY interchangeable Lens design. We also welcome any unique requests. R&D, Molding, development, prototyping, and mass production are offered at reasonable prices and in-time Fast Delivery. Our team work closely with each customer to assure satisfaction from start to finish. Customization options include, but are not limited to:

Specific image Cmos sensor requirements, WDR, panoramic or Wide Angle, expected Product Dimension, Dual lens, low-light low lux capturing, Lens MTF Resolution(1.3/2/3/4/5/6/8/10/12MP), Auto Focus USB Module, infrared IR solutions, high or low temperature rated, Waterproof, weatherproof, different angles of view, wire harness, cable assembly, desired power voltage, resolutions, frame rate, various USB port, etc. welcome to send us your technical drawing/diagram or share any new idea with us together for evaluation

At last, we are open to discuss any new idea or request regarding creative embedded usb camera and industrial usb camera modules with you in anytime, encourage you to view our more online products and give us your feedback or comments or advice for our usb

P.S. We supply Sony CCD Camera and Andriod OTG Camera for mobile Phone too

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.