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Factory 3MP 35mm 2/3 Low Distortion C-Mount Lens For Machine Vision

35mm 3MP,  No/Low Distortion Lens, 2/3’’ image format, 35mm 3MP

Multi-layer coating, with higher transmittance and effective suppression of stray light

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    Bank T/T, Alipay, Paypal, Western Union
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    7-10 days
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    35mm 2/3'' Camera Lenses For Machine Vision system
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    5megapixels FULL HD1080P

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Product Name: China factory supply 2/3’’ 35mm Machine Vision Lenses

Product advantage:

1, Variable Aperture LensFrom Large aperture F2.0 to Smallest F22 (creat good depth of Focus)

2,Use high refractive index and low dispersion precious glass, high resolution imaging optics

3, All glass + metal structure design, good high and low temperature resistance

4, Applied For 2/3" megapixel Industrial machine Vision camera with C Mount

5, Widely used in Industrial Quality control cameras, Machine vision cameras, Industry cameras for inspection and imaging processing, scientific Research, Industrial robotics, Ruggedized cameras for security and defense, Industrial Photography Optics, Industrial Surveillance and Security, Commercial Security Camera etc

Low Distortion C-Mount Lens

Product technical Specification of 35mm 2/3’’ Lens

Product Model


Image Cmos Sensor Format


Photo Resolution


Focal Length




FOV(D×H×V)  2/3 inch cmos

D17.7°/ H14.2°/ V10.7

FOV(D×H×V)  1/2 inch cmos

D12.9°/ H10.4°/ V7.9°

TV Distortion  2/3 inch cmos

-0.33%                  y=5.5mm            

TV Distortion  1/2 inch cmos

-0.17%                  y=4mm

Focusing Range MOD (Minimum Object Distance)

0.3m ~

Flange Distance


Operation Mode- Focus

Manual with Lock

Operation Mode –Iris

Manual Variable

Operation Mode-zoom




Mount type

C mount

Filter Thread


External Dimensions(mm):



Full Glasses Lenses+Metal Barrel

Working temperature


Storage Temperature Range


Camera Lenses For Machine Vision

35mm 2/3’’ Low Distortion C-Mount Lens for Industrial camera applications

Industrial lenses are widely used in industrial machine vision and image processing systems such as industrial identification, industrial inspection, industrial measurement, high-precision measurement, inspection, identification, industrial monitoring, instrumentation, microscopic imaging, machine vision, 3D scanning, biometrics, etc. It is widely used in semiconductor machinery parts, scientific research, image processing, electronics, automotive medical packaging, military manufacturing and other industries, Specific applications are as follows:

Chip, wafer surface detection, one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code recognition; object surface scratches, text and other detection; metal surface, bearing, beverage cans engraved character detection; MARK point positioning; night/day safety equipment; solar panels; Semiconductor; wafer inspection; peripheral monitoring; machine vision; medical applications; biometric technology; aerial surveillance; food sorting. Application areas include surface and continuous logistics inspection, intelligent transportation systems and traffic law enforcement systems, text reading, mail sorting, measurement (2D/3D), medical imaging, biometrics, and aerospace and defense


Goobuy provides a selection of various custom options for new and existing Industrial Camera Lenses. We also welcome any unique or personalized requests, new idea, new technical drawing, New Design, development, prototyping, and mass production are offered at reasonable competitive prices and fast R&D time of course reliable quality.

Customization options include, but not limited to:

Specific cmos sensor requirements, Focal Length ( fixed or Manual Zoom Varifocal) Auto DC or Fixed Iris Aperture, different angles of view FOV, infrared solutions, High/low temperature rated, MTF resolutions, Distortion, TTL, OBFL, Mount type, Focusing type, MOD, Lens Dimension, Lenses Structure etc. Welcome to send us your technical drawing or request or share more details with us to

discuss then evluate it for Customization

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